Swim Jig - Puncher's Chance (Living Rubber)
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Super K Jigs Swim jig in the color “Puncher’s Chance” is black and purple living rubber with purple flash, and it always delivers when nothing else works - a true big fish bait!

You won’t find a better handmade swim jig anywhere! Super K Jigs-Tour Quality jigs at unbeatable prices! All of our jigs are hand-poured, painted and baked to provide an extremely chip-resistant finish, and then hand-tied.

We only use the finest quality hooks, silicone and other components, so these jigs work like they are supposed to. Don't look for fancy, hi-tech packaging - jigs are individually packaged in zip-lock poly jig bags - we will not overspend on a pretty package and underspend on components and quality of the bait itself.

Our swim jigs all come with a grub keeper molded in to the jig and each jig is hand tied. The weedguards are epoxied in place, parallel to the hook to ensure the jig will not roll. Swim jigs are available in 1/4 and 3/8 ounce.

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Swim Jig - Puncher's Chance (Living Rubber)

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