K-Plunk - Special K
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"Special K" - a color I deisgned in 2008 and discontinued in 2013 due to a lack of sales. It has been doing very well for for myself and pro-staffers I have been still making them for. So that being said, I will be adding it to the 2018 line up!

The K-Plunk jig is the ultimate plunking jig for penetrating deep weeds or punching shallow mats! This is the most versatile head design available, as it's ability to work through wood without getting hung up, is second to none! All of our jigs are hand-poured, painted and baked to provide an extremely chip-resistant finish, and then hand-tied.

We only use the finest quality hooks, silicone and other components, so these jigs work like they are supposed to, and K-Plunk jigs all come with a plastic keeper molded in to the jig.. Don't look for fancy, hi-tech packaging - jigs are individually packaged in zip-lock poly jig bags - we will not overspend on a pretty package and underspend on components and quality of the bait itself.

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K-Plunk - Special K

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